As we continue to resume in-person services on July 12th at limited capacity, please take some time to watch and read the important information provided below regarding our Reopening Plan and what to expect.

What you need to know

Sunday Worship Only
We are opening for Sunday worship only. Until further notice, Wednesday evening Bible Study will remain available only on Livestream.

Two Services
We will provide two services. The first starting at 9:00am and the second at 11:00am.

  • Sanctuary Guidelines – Masks Encouraged
  • Upper Room – Masks Required

Childrens Ministry Available | 9:00am Service Only
When securing your E-Tickets you will be prompted to select the age and grade of your children to allow us to plan accordingly.

With our reduced seating capacity we request that people notify us of their attendance by way of an E-Ticket, which you can easily select below. You will receive a notice that you may print or keep on your phone in order to show it Sunday morning. It sounds strange to require a “ticket” to worship the Lord, but this is the fairest way available to us for the near term to fairly help everyone to have a seat, given the current circumstances. Please know that your personal information will not be shared with any government agency.

Livestream For Those Who Can’t Join Us
We fully understand that some people may feel uncomfortable participating in group worship at this time. For that matter, those with health challenges or otherwise compromised immune systems will be wise to exercise caution and avoid groups for awhile. For these and other reasons, our worship service will continue to be Livestreamed to facilitate your worship with us while you’re at home.

Facility Cleanliness
All main areas of the church will be sanitized before each of the two services. This will include disinfecting handrails, switches, door handles, etc., as well as spraying seats and thoroughly cleaning all bathrooms. As it pertains to air quality, our air conditioning system and air handlers enable us to replace the sanctuary air many times per hour
while introducing fresh, outside air into the building.

The details about the way in which we operate on Sunday morning are compliant with Federal, State and Local guidelines, including the CDC’s most recent “Guidance For Communities of Faith.”

Our Public Witness
We are a loving church filled with great friendships and many of us haven’t seen one another for months. While we understand the desire to fellowship with one another, we ask that you distance yourself in the parking lot, in order to provide a good witness for passersby. We want our witness to show that we are exercising our right to assemble and worship without appearing to defy the Governor’s orders. Considering that we need to make room for cars and people who will be attending the 11:00 AM service, we ask that people leaving the 9:00 AM service to not linger long in the parking lot.

Please Be Patient With Us
None of us has ever been down this road before and we want to navigate it carefully. We realize that many of these plans are quite different from our normal church culture. However, as the next few weeks pass and the State begins to loosen up on its restrictions, we have little doubt we’ll be able to return to something more closely resembling the culture we all love.